In November of 2012 I was in a car accident. After several months of massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy, I still had a lot of tightness and discomfort in my back, and had trouble doing certain movements. I gained a little bit of weight due to not being able to workout because of my back pain. I came to Darren for Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) as well as personal training early in 2013. This was the single best decision I made during the treatment for my back. Within the first two weeks I was able to start working out again. MAT helped my body naturally let go of the tightness in my back, and the MAT testing helped Darren figure out which exercises I was responding well to, and which ones were making my back worse. After several months of MAT and training sessions with Darren, my back was back to normal and I was able to workout on my own again. I’ve never experienced these types of results from other treatments.
— Gary Franke (Insurance Broker/Investment Advisor in Bellevue, WA)

I was recovering from lower back surgery and trying to get back to my active life style. Working with Darren has taught me what is safe and effective with my body’s recovery. I’m stronger now, and smarter about how I move my body and what workouts I do. I’m excited to achieve goals that I wasn’t sure I could reach again after my surgery. Darren knows what he’s doing!!!
— Maureen Still (singer/songwriter from Northbend, WA)

I’ve been working out with Darren for the past 4 years. I first started training with Darren to get back in shape after years of inconsistent workouts on my own. As we began the process, long term pain in my shoulder and knee limited my ability to do some of the exercises. After several sessions, the pain lessened and I was able to complete my entire workout and take my fitness to the next level. I’ve managed to lose 12 lbs of body fat, and replaced it with lean muscle, while at the same time getting rid of my shoulder, knee and low back pain. I love his unique approach to determining what you are trying to accomplish and then customizing a program just for you. He is upbeat, works with you just the way you are and understands that you live in the real world. Can’t recommend Darren enough!
— Kevin - Redmond, Wa

I’ve completed 8 weeks and I am much stronger than I was before this program. My energy level throughout the day is a lot higher and I’m sleeping great. My body now craves the workouts. I’m still working on staying consistent with the nutritional habits and staying focused on managing stress. Definitely headed in the right direction on this transformation program with Darren!
— Dale J - Woodinville, Wa
This program was exactly what I needed to jump start my fitness journey. I’ve lost 17 lbs and feel amazing. Darren is a great trainer and a great person! He is really good at personalizing workouts so you get what you want and what you need. He’s also trained in Muscle Activation Techniques which has really helped me get through a bad shoulder injury. On top of all that he’s always cracking jokes and keeping the atmosphere light. It truly makes working out that much better. Whenever I run into someone looking for an A+ trainer I always recommend Darren.
— Rachel M. - Bellevue, Wa
I had never heard of MAT before Darren introduced me to it. I managed to get a kink in my neck that was very painful and wouldn’t get better. I couldn’t turn my head to either side. At first I had zero expectation of improvement but I was blown away with how quickly he reduced my pain and restored my range of motion in my neck. He watched me turn my head and neck from side to side in different positions. He tested and treated one muscle on my left side, and a different muscle on my right side. Then he asked me to turn my head from side to side again. BOOM I could turn my neck all the way to each side with no pain. It took less than 10 minutes. I was amazed and felt slightly bad for being so skeptical. I would recommend him without hesitation for improvements in muscle function, range of motion, and pain reduction. It may not work for every type of pain, but it worked for mine.
— Jill H. (Hair Stylist in Kirkland, WA)

Thanks again, I feel much better now than I did 3 months ago. My doctor has reduced the amount of insulin and blood pressure medicine I have to take. I’m down 4 notches on my belt, 2 pant sizes, and having to buy a bunch of new clothes. I can feel muscle where I used to feel flab.
— Paul O. - Lynnwood, Wa
I’ve been doing small group training for about three months now and it has been fantastic. I love the flexibility of the times available while having the structure of a very personalized program. When I tweaked my knee hiking, Darren changed up my workouts so that I could continue without skipping a beat.

Bellevue Fitness Training is the perfect blend of personal training with the affordability of group training.
— Kristina B. (Project Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Wa)

One issue that really stood out was when I hurt my right shoulder blade and upper back area. I was unsure what brought on the injury, but there was a lot of pinching/cramping sensation when I would have to support weight at certain angles with that arm. I had Darren work on it with MAT. After just a couple sessions on my shoulder and upper back the pain was gone. My shoulder felt completely stable and strong again and I was able to get back to the level of intensity i’m used to in the gym and with my sports performance. I believe muscle activation techniques was exactly what my shoulder needed.
— Adam Yaw (Cheer coach & Former Gymnast Bellevue, WA)