I limit the size of my small personal training groups to no more than 6 people. By keeping the group size limited to 6 people I'm able to offer a much more customized experience compared to large group coaching where everyone is typically thrown into the same cookie cutter workout.

Each of my small group training members has their own personal 4 week workout program which is built around their wants, needs, goals, abilities, and limitations. If someone needs an on the fly adjustment to their program, I help them do that and personalize it as much as needed. Nobody gets lost in the shuffle as can often happen with large overwhelming groups.

Working out in a small group can give members increased motivation and accountability from the encouragement and support you get from the other members of the group. Training with others creates a higher energy level that helps you to really challenge yourself. Many of my clients will bring in friends or family members to be a part of their group, or will make new friends through the people they work out with on a regular basis.

 Small group training gives people the opportunity to have top quality coaching and support all year round to make sure they have the best chance at reaching their goals and maintaining those results for the long term. 

If you are looking for small group personal training in Bellevue, it doesn't get any better than this.