If you're looking for a Bellevue personal trainer with a lot of experience, you've come to the right place. I've been helping busy professionals change their lives and regain their desired level of health and fitness since 2002. 

One on one personal coaching offers the deepest level of customized planning and attention.

If you are struggling to overcome

  • Chronic pain, muscle tightness,  and low energy.
  • Difficulties putting together and following through on a plan.
  • Emotional or stress eating. 

One on one coaching can be the solution you need to give you the best possible chance at success.

My style of one on one coaching

  • Is NOT just giving you a workout, counting some reps, and telling you what you should and shouldn't eat.
  • Is NOT yelling at you like a drill sergeant, and pushing you through workouts that make you feel like you're going to pass out, cry, or puke.
  • Is NOT to put you down or make you feel bad for struggling with changing your life. 

It doesn't take any knowledge or skill as a trainer or coach to make someone sweat or feel beat down by a workout. It doesn't take any knowledge or skill as a coach to make someone feel bad for struggling. 

My style of one on one coaching

  • IS to give you a full assessment to know what your body really needs for maximum improvement in the safest manner possible.
  • IS to challenge you with workouts that are designed especially for your current level of skill, ability, and physical/mental tolerance so that you actually feel good from working out, enjoy consistent progress, and avoid injuries or feeling beat up.
  • IS to help you gain clarity about the hidden deep ceded things that are causing you to struggle, and help you come up with effective action steps that don't overwhelm you or add stress to your life.
  • IS to help you figure out what kind of healthy lifestyle and habits will actually make you happy so that you can have lifetime success and maintain your results instead of short term temporary success and roller coaster up and down due to unsustainable programs that make you miserable. 

If you want the ultimate experience of PERSONAL training in Bellevue, it's doesn't get any better than this.